Not Just Another Burris AR 332 Review for the Masses

I can honestly say that my personal best grouping of discharged rounds during target practice fit within the radius of a dime. In fact, tight groups of shots are not a super big deal. Some people have the skills to make it happen, while others need assistance to get the same results. If you are in the latter group, don’t worry; there are products like the Burris AR 332 prism sight to enhance anyone’s down-range luck. Here, I will provide my Burris AR 332 review so you can decide if it is the right rifle scope for you.

Getting to Know a Very Tough Tool

In this Burris AR 332 review, there is no topic, feature or functionwise, that is off limits. I promise that every piece of information within is emotionally honest and 100 percent accurate. So, the first thing to go over is the collective qualities of a good automatic rifle sight and what anyone should expect from a component like this. Naturally, one of the first things that you can look forward to in this rifle sight is its ability to enhance your spotting of targets from a good distance. Another good attribute to the Burris AR 332 is the look and feel to it, which includes a quality tube housing flawless lenses that make it almost too easy to take a shot. This ease of function comes from 3X magnification, but that is just the first item on a long list of things to like about this product.

So Much to Boast about with Burris AR 332

Burris AR 332 ReviewImage Source: Burris Optics

The second thing that needs to be explained is that this AR sight is designed for professional use by members of law enforcement and other agencies that make a living from protecting good citizens like you and me. However, anyone who has ever lived on a 10-acre ranch or in a greener region can testify that serious firepower comes in handy all the time. It’s not just for enforcement or correction purposes. Sometimes it takes more than a good strong holler to keep the foxes out of your hen house, and running up on armadillos is not highly recommended.

You just might need an AR sight if any of the following features appeals to you:

  • It comes out of the box ready to mount and use
  • The reticle is ballistic/CQ illuminated
  • It has five different red and green illumination settings
  • Waterproof, solid construction
  • Carry handle mount options

Things to Love and Room to Grow

Put simply, the Burris AR 332 sight makes sighting things from a long distance easy to do. However, the reticle in this sight is specifically designed for tactical situations, which means that the 332 also helps with zeroing in on targets in close proximity. It’s more than a one-trick pony.

In my opinion, any AR sight that can provide a 2 MOA Center that covers a 2-inch circle at 100 meters is pulling its own weight. As an added bonus, there is a black reticle on this sight that functions just a bit more efficiently than the red and green settings. All in all, there is a lot to like about the Burris AR 332, but there are a few more things to know before making your final decision.

  • The magnification abilities for the Burris AR 332 are versatile and work in more than one situation.
  • The black reticle works without the use of batteries.
  • The lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for the sight is more than worth looking into.
  • There is room for debate as to the functionality of the “broad” reticle lines for long-distance targeting.
  • The red and green reticle functions require batteries, which means worrying about battery life.
  • Attaching the sight securely requires tools and a bit of elbow grease.

Burris AR 332 vs Vortex Spitfire and Other Sights

There are other sights besides the Burris AR 332 that you might want to take a look at. You don’t need to worry about that, because I have you covered.

Given the overall nature of this sight, it is not fair to compare it to other hunting sights that operate on a more delicate model. The Burris AR 332 is specifically meant for tactical situations and serious targeting.

There are alternatives to look for in the event that it just does not tickle your fancy. The Vortex Optics Strikefire is an acceptable alternative for the Burris AR 332. The reasons for this are simple, yet compelling. For one, it also has multi-coated lenses that allow for reliable targeting. The single-piece chassis is lightweight, but sturdy. It also mounts easily with an offset cantilever mount. Its one drawback might be the fact that the Vortex sight is manufactured overseas. If that is an absolute deal breaker, then the Burris AR 332 with Fastfire III is probably a better second choice for you.

Are There Any Questions?

For anyone who might have any questions, I have handpicked three good ones to answer in this Burris AR 332 review, because they are all you really need to know.

1. Which battery do I need for this sight?
Answer: you need the CR2032 disc battery.

2. What is the real range of this sight?
Answer: Its actual range is 400 yards if you know what you are doing and 100 for beginners.

3. What does 332 stand for?
Answer: it refers to the 32mm and the light assembly power.

Final Thoughts

There really is no reason why you cannot grow to love this sight no matter what you choose to target. This Burris AR 332 review should make that clear. However, if it does not meet your standards, there are other products on the market to pick up. The choice is all yours to make.

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